You are one of those lucky people who have a hobbit house in Cornwall. This is the perfect place to live out your fantasy as the Glastonbury Torrens National Park is only a stones throw away from here. The area around the Glastonbury Torrens River has been voted one of the most beautiful places to walk in Europe. If you love walking and wildlife then this is a place that you do not want to miss out on. You can choose to stay in the traditional house or buy an upmarket villa with stunning sea views.

The enchanting surroundings of the Hogsmeade Country Park make it an ideal location for a summer holiday. You can spend the whole day strolling along the river with your dog accompanied by the lively birds and wildlife. The Hogsmeade Site forms part of the National Park ‘Jura Federation’, which is dedicated to preserving the local heritage. To explore the lovely countryside surrounding the Hogsmeade Site you could join in with the locals and take part in a variety of events including; jogging, running, cycling, or attending events to watch the many beautiful animals.

If you prefer your own ‘Hobbit house’, you can choose to buy a house in Dunster by booking a caravan park. There are many facilities and activities to participate in such as climbing, horse riding, or simply enjoying the peaceful surroundings. Camping here gives you the chance to interact with the locals, and perhaps find yourself falling in love with the area all over again!

The Shropshire is also a great place to look for your ‘Hobbit home’. It is situated close to many attractions such as Stonehenge and Salisbury Cathedral. It is also rich in history with the remains of forts and settlements throughout the centuries, making it a beautiful place to visit on your holiday.

The Penlee House is a family home based in Budeley, Derbyshire. It has been designed as an English style country home and features four bedrooms and two baths. There are a deck and outside area, and the home was originally built in 1794. The family loves traditional living and this house is an example of that. You will be able to experience traditional English food with a wide variety of traditional furnishings.

The Batignolles were a noble family who lived in the sheltered Cotswolds during the reign of Queen Elizabeth’s reign. They were one of the most comfortable families of their time, and you can experience that in this lovely restored abode. You will enjoy the spectacular scenery, the beautiful gardens and countryside, and the unique architecture and crafts that are a legacy of this period. This is the perfect retreat for anyone who enjoys the outdoors, as you can take in the wildlife and landscape, and even sample some of the local cuisine.